Brian Ingram

Owner & Chef
BingConcepts LLC/Hope Breakfast Bar


Brian’s career has been built from a love of food and how it brings people together. After years of cooking, running, concepting and opening restaurants all over the world, Brian has found a universal truth — when people share a meal together great things happen. This belief in food and the community that it creates has helped him strengthen family, bond with friends and connect with faith.

Brian started working in his family restaurants as a kid in Anchorage Alaska and honing his culinary skills, spending years in apprenticeships and formal culinary school. Brian has worked for some of the top Hospitality Groups in the Country from Restaurants Unlimited, Brinker International, MGM Resorts International and Alain Duccase. Brian began creating his own award winning concepts over the last decade. New Bohemia Hot Concepts Winner 2017, Truck Park named best designed restaurant in 2018. And, recently Cargo Food Authority and Bus Stop Burgers and Brewhouse in 2019. Brian's most recent concept is called Hope Breakfast Bar with a focus on community give back with his wife, Sarah Ingram.


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