Peter Newlin

birdcall & Park Burger


Peter Newlin, President/ Partner of Failyau Management Group moved to Colorado from Charleston, SC to pursue an MBA at the University of Denver. Peter has a deep love and passion for developing brands at Failyau. Over the 9 years at Park Burger, Newlin has played an active roll in the creation and evolution of Park Burger, Homegrown Tap and Dough, and most recently Birdcall. Birdcall represents the future of fast food. Along with developing the brand, Newlin developed Birdcall’s own proprietary POS to improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant. He has since launched a technology company to continue to explore the future of hospitality solutions. One of Peter’s many goals is to develop concepts that promote local partnerships with food vendors, artists and furniture builders. At Failyau they believe, you shouldn’t have to spend $100.00 to have a wonderful meal. The company will stop at nothing to achieve that value.


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