Carrie Walters

Culinary Director
Dorothy Lane Market


As the corporate chef and culinary director for Dorothy Lane Market, a 3-store family operated gourmet grocery store in Dayton, Ohio, Chef Carrie is always cooking up something wonderful. You’ll see her menus brought to life at special food and wine events throughout the year at DLM. She also helps shape the DLM Culinary Center’s year-round class programming. Don’t be surprised to see Carrie listed as an instructor on the class schedule, as her passion for food is contagious and she’s always eager to share it with others. Dorothy Lane Market aims to make restaurant-quality prepared foods using the finest ingredients found in its stores, and Carrie is the driving force behind the recipe development. As a prolific traveler, she’s always soaking in food trends and styling tips from around the world, and is excited to bring them to life at DLM and share them in any number of multimedia ways.


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